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The insurance underwriter is the strength behind the product. When deciding which company will insure your travel, it is important to consider if the product offered is from a solid insurance provider. Our travel protection offers comprehensive benefits, experienced accommodation, and the commitment and financial stability of established companies.

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Travel protection helps travelers protect their trip investment, alleviate worry and gain peace of mind. We offer a comprehensive travel protection program featuring trip cancellation, delay & interruption benefits which protect up to 100% of the covered scheduled trip amount for risks incidental to planned travel such as weather-related disruptions, job loss, covered illness or injury, death in the family, road closure, airline cancellations or even the death of your family pet, plus much, much more. Book with confidence knowing travel protection can help protect against various unforeseen circumstances.

World Class Coverage

Available travel protection programs are underwritten by world-class, respected underwriters like Nationwide® and Crum & Forster, ensuring travelers, ensuring travelers have access to coverage they can count on. Built for today’s traveler, these travel protection programs reimburse covered travelers their pre-paid, non-refundable trip deposits if they are prevented from taking all or a portion of a scheduled trip for over 30 (thirty) unforeseen reasons; and for additional premium, a Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit can be included. Trust Nationwide® to protect your travel investment. It has been a trusted name since 1926.

Standard or CFAR Coverage

Most US residents traveling domestically or internationally can choose from either standard travel protection or travel protection with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR). Standard travel protection provides 100% reimbursement for over 30 (thirty) specified reasons that cause the covered traveler or traveling companions to cancel or interrupt the scheduled trip. Travel protection with the CFAR benefit includes everything in the standard protection PLUS the added flexibility to cancel and receive partial reimbursement for any reason not otherwise specified as covered. CFAR is not available to residents of New York, Washington State or Hawaii. Limitations and exclusions apply. See the policy for terms and conditions.

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Why Consider Travel Insurance?

Stuff Happens – Prepare for the Unforeseen

Life throws enough curve balls our way – don’t let unforeseen events ruin your vacation. Protect your vacation investment with Travel Protection from Protection Brands, in partnership with RentalGuardian® and InsureStays®.

One in six travelers experience unforeseen circumstances such as an illness, a storm, job demands, an accident, family  death or other events that can result in a cancelled or delayed trip. This can result in a loss of all or part of your vacation investment. One of the most common reasons people consider travel insurance is for the peace of mind in knowing that your prepaid, nonrefundable investment is protected should your vacation get interrupted for a covered reason or should you have to cancel the trip altogether. Our travel insurance covers expenses or losses for more than 30 different common unforeseen types of events.

Travel insurance can:

  • Reimburse expenses such as accommodations when travel is canceled, delayed or interrupted due to weather, sickness, accidents, family deaths, job loss, hurricanes, flight cancellations, and other unforseen events;
  • Cover nonrefundable payments such as vacation rental, hotel, cruise, airfare, tour or a day of skiing;
  • Reimburse medical expenses, locate appropriate medical facilities and arrange medical transport including evacuation, in case of injury or illness during a trip;
  • Locate appropriate services, such as medical and legal, in emergency situations, and more.

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